Can Antibiotics Cause Acne?


Yes, antibiotics can potentially cause or worsen acne in some individuals.

While antibiotics are often prescribed to treat bacterial infections, they can also disrupt the balance of bacteria on the skin and within the body. This disruption can affect the skin’s microbiome, leading to changes in oil production, inflammation, and the growth of acne-causing bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes.

Additionally, some antibiotics can cause side effects such as skin sensitivity or allergic reactions, which may manifest as acne-like eruptions or rashes.

It’s important to note that not everyone who takes antibiotics will experience acne as a side effect, and the likelihood and severity of this side effect can vary depending on factors such as the specific antibiotic, dosage, duration of treatment, and individual factors such as skin type and sensitivity.

If someone develops acne or experiences a worsening of existing acne while taking antibiotics, they should consult their healthcare provider for evaluation and appropriate management. In some cases, healthcare providers may recommend discontinuing the antibiotic, switching to a different medication, or adding acne treatments to help manage the skin-related side effects.

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