Can Gangrene Cause Death?

Gangrene Written on Notepad

Yes, gangrene can indeed be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Gangrene is a serious condition that occurs when body tissue dies due to a lack of blood supply, often caused by injury, infection, or other underlying health conditions like diabetes or peripheral artery disease.

If left untreated, gangrene can spread rapidly and cause severe complications, including systemic infection (sepsis) that can lead to shock, multiple organ failure, and ultimately death. Gangrene requires immediate medical attention, and treatment usually involves removing the dead tissue, administering antibiotics to treat any underlying infection, and addressing the underlying cause to restore blood flow to the affected area.

Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial in managing gangrene and preventing its progression to a life-threatening condition. If someone suspects they have symptoms of gangrene, such as severe pain, discoloration of the skin, or tissue that appears blackened or necrotic, they should seek immediate medical help.

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