Can Gas Cause Back and Shoulder Pain?

Yes, gas trapped in the digestive system can sometimes cause referred pain that is felt in the back and shoulders. When excessive gas builds up in the intestines, it can lead to distension and pressure in the abdominal cavity, resulting in discomfort or pain that may radiate to other areas, including the back and shoulders.

The nerves in the abdomen often overlap with nerves that innervate the back and shoulders. This phenomenon, known as referred pain, can cause discomfort in seemingly unrelated areas due to shared nerve pathways.

However, it’s important to note that back and shoulder pain can be attributed to various causes, including musculoskeletal issues, spinal problems, nerve compression, and other medical conditions unrelated to gas. If the pain is severe, persistent, or accompanied by concerning symptoms, it’s advisable to seek medical evaluation to determine the exact cause and appropriate treatment.