Can Perimenopause Cause Acne?


Yes, perimenopause, the transitional stage before menopause, can cause or exacerbate acne in some women. Fluctuations in hormone levels during perimenopause, specifically changes in estrogen and progesterone, can lead to various skin changes, including increased acne breakouts.

During perimenopause, there can be a decline in estrogen levels while androgen (male hormones) levels may remain relatively stable or increase. This hormonal shift can stimulate the production of sebum (oil) in the skin, which, when combined with dead skin cells, can clog pores and lead to the development of acne.

Additionally, perimenopause is often associated with other changes such as stress, changes in diet or lifestyle, and fluctuations in other hormone levels, all of which can potentially contribute to the development or worsening of acne.

Not every woman will experience acne during perimenopause, and the severity and occurrence of acne can vary among individuals. Some women may notice clearer skin during this time, while others might experience more frequent breakouts.

If you are experiencing bothersome acne during perimenopause, it may be helpful to consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional. They can provide guidance on skincare routines, recommend suitable treatments, and suggest lifestyle changes to help manage acne during this hormonal transition.

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