Can Spondylitis Cause Head Pain?


Yes, spondylitis, specifically cervical spondylitis or cervical spondylosis, can cause head pain. This condition involves the degeneration of the vertebrae and discs in the neck, leading to symptoms such as neck pain, stiffness, and sometimes headaches.

When spondylitis affects the cervical (neck) region of the spine, it can put pressure on the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in that area. This pressure or irritation can radiate pain from the neck into the head, causing headaches. The headaches associated with cervical spondylitis are often described as a dull ache at the base of the skull or as tension-type headaches.

It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis if you are experiencing head pain along with symptoms of spondylitis. Treatment options may include medications, physical therapy, lifestyle modifications, or, in some cases, surgical intervention to alleviate symptoms and manage the condition effectively.