Does Egg Cause Cough?


Eggs, when consumed in moderation and by individuals without specific allergies or sensitivities, do not typically cause coughing. However, for some people, especially those with egg allergies, consuming eggs or foods containing eggs can lead to various allergic reactions, including coughing.

Egg allergies can vary in severity, and symptoms may include coughing, as well as other symptoms like hives, difficulty breathing, swelling, digestive issues, and more. Coughing may occur if there is irritation or inflammation in the respiratory passages as a result of an allergic reaction.

It’s important to note that egg allergies are more common in children than in adults, and many children may outgrow their egg allergies as they get older. If you suspect an egg allergy or experience symptoms like coughing after consuming eggs, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis.

For the vast majority of people who are not allergic to eggs, eating eggs as part of a balanced diet is safe and should not cause coughing or other allergic reactions. However, if you have any concerns about potential food allergies or sensitivities, it’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare provider for guidance and appropriate testing if necessary.

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