Spermatozoa get nutrition from Sertoli Cells

Yes, spermatozoa, which are the mature male reproductive cells, receive nutrition from Sertoli cells in the testes.

Sertoli cells are located in the seminiferous tubules of the testes, where they provide physical and nutritional support to developing spermatozoa. They are responsible for creating a suitable environment for spermatogenesis, which is the process of sperm cell production.

Sertoli cells provide nutrition to the developing spermatozoa by secreting nutrients such as fructose and other glycolytic enzymes. These nutrients are essential for the production of ATP, the energy source that fuels sperm motility. Sertoli cells also help to remove waste products from the seminiferous tubules, which helps to maintain a healthy environment for sperm cell development.

In addition to providing nutrition, Sertoli cells also play a crucial role in regulating spermatogenesis by producing hormones such as inhibin and testosterone. These hormones help to maintain the balance between sperm production and testosterone secretion, which is essential for male reproductive health.