What Are The Symptoms of Itchy Hands?

Itchy hands can be caused by various factors, and the symptoms may vary depending on the underlying cause. Common symptoms of itchy hands include:

  • Itching: This is the primary symptom and can range from mild to severe.
  • Redness: The skin on your hands may appear redder than usual.
  • Swelling: In some cases, itching may be accompanied by swelling of the hands.
  • Dryness: The skin may become dry and flaky.
  • Blisters: Itchy blisters can develop, particularly if the cause is related to an allergic reaction or skin condition like eczema or dermatitis.
  • Pain or discomfort: Intense itching can lead to pain or discomfort in the affected area.
  • Cracked or peeling skin: Prolonged scratching can damage the skin, leading to cracks or peeling.
  • Rash: Some conditions can cause a rash to appear on the hands along with itching.

It’s essential to identify the cause of your itchy hands to determine the appropriate treatment. If the itching persists or is severe, consider consulting a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and guidance on managing the symptoms.