What Are The Symptoms of Rabies?

Rabies symptoms can vary, but they typically progress in stages:

  1. Incubation Period: There may be no noticeable symptoms during this stage, which can last from a few days to several years.
  2. Prodromal Stage: Early symptoms can include fever, headache, and discomfort at the site of the bite.
  3. Acute Neurologic Stage: This stage often follows, leading to more severe symptoms such as:
    • Agitation and anxiety
    • Confusion and hallucinations
    • Hydrophobia (fear of water)
    • Excessive salivation and difficulty swallowing
    • Muscle spasms and paralysis
  4. Coma and Death: Without prompt medical intervention, rabies can lead to coma and eventually death.

It’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect exposure to rabies, as once symptoms appear, the disease is almost always fatal. Pre-exposure vaccination and post-exposure prophylaxis can be effective if administered in time after a potential rabies exposure.