6 Health Benefits Of Eating Black Plum


The scientific name of Black plum is Syzygium Cumini. Black plum is commonly called as jambul, javaplum, jamun etc. This tree is native to the indian subcontinent. Jamun fruit has sweet and sour flavour and it is known to be quite astringent, although this taste can vary depending upon when you pick the fruit.

Black plums contain a lots of nutrients like vitamin C, iron, magnisium, B-complex vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium, as well as vitamin A and small amounts of protein.

Black plum has many health benefits, like Aids skin care, weight loss, boots immunity and relieves stomach pain. You can use these black plums in your salads, smoothies and desserts.

1. Skin care through black plums

The antioxidant rich foods help treat many skin diseases. As black plums are rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and other antioxidants, jamun may help in curing skin related problems and also improves appearance of skin by lowering inflammation and reducing oxidative stress.

2. Boosts immunity

Black plums contain good amount of vitamin C and various antioxidants. Which can help to stimulate the production of white blood cells, and increase the strength of immune system. Black plums even have antibacterial qualities, anti viral properties and also anti fungal properties that helps you to be protected from many kind of diseases.

3. Protects heart health

Regular consumption of black plum or it’s juice contains notable levels of potassium, which is a vasodilator, and may help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Hence consumption of black plum is very much useful for your heart health.

4. Weight loss

Black plums are good for weight loss because they are rich in fiber. It is said that 1 plum have approximately 1 gram of fiber. Hence there is a lot of fiber per plum and this helps in its weight loss properties. This is because fiber has a filling affect and this makes you to feel fuller for longtime and eat less during your next meal. Being low in calories, jamun is a cherished addition to any weight loss diets.

5. Manage diabetes

Jamun has been used as treatment for diabetes in ayurvedic medicines for very long time. The kernel of the fruit has the most potential as it helps lower blood glucose levels. Diabetic patients can consume jamun fruit daily to control their sugar levels, which helps to enhance the insulin activity. The jamun seeds powder can be effective for both insulin dependent or Non-insulin dependent diabetes.

6. Protects against cancer

Black plums has plenty of antioxidants that helps inhibition of free radical activity in your body. Black plums have beneficial health properties which include anti cancer and chemo preventive properties. Hence by consuming black plums you can protect yourself from cancer and may also as an aid when it comes to treating cancer.


Black plums are healthy nutritious fruits that are packed with variety of nutrients. Jamun is found in two varieties, one is purple flush variety and another one is white flush variety.

Jamun can be consumed as a fruit form, made as a juice, or even used as a powdered form. It can be used in many recipes like salads, and smoothies as it aids weight loss. Hence consumption of black plum is very much beneficial for your health.