7 Best Foods To Taken Before Drinking Alcohol

Foods we taken before drinking alcohol shows more impact at the day end and in the next morning. So to avoid such difficulties, we should take right food before drinking alcohol. Healthy foods can reduce effect of alcohol on the body. Some foods may also cause issues like bloating, heartburn, indigestion, by these we may affect headaches, vomitings, hangover in the morning etc.

Drinking too much alcohol can have tons of negative health effects, including injuries, depression, anxiety, liver disease, and high blood pressure. 

Selecting the right food before alcohol helps to control hunger, digestion, and also balance electrolytes. So it is very important to stay healthy even after consuming alcohol. By these foods we can’t completely solve the health issues, but we can control them for a point.

Why Should We Eat Before Drinking Alcohol ?

We should not drink alcohol with empty stomach as it cause some problems and alcohol is fastly absorbed by the body with empty stomach. If we take food at least before 15 minutes of drinking, foods prevent fast absorption of alcohol. Protein, fats and fibre also slow down the absorption of alcohol. We can take high fat foods before alcohol because fatty foods acts as a protective layer in the stomach which also helps in slow absorption.

There are some food items that reduce the effect of alcohol as follows:

1. Bananas

Bananas are high in potassium, but when we drink alcohol in excessive quantity our body may lose potassium. Taking banana before drinking also helps in slow absorption of alcohol into bloodstream. As they are potassium rich, they may prevent electrolyte balance associated with alcohol.

Banana can be taken alone or can be combined with salads, smoothies, fruit salads, oatmeal with peanut butter etc.

Other foods rich in potassium are spinach, milk, potato, yogurt and lentils. We can also take these items before drinking an alcohol.

2. Eggs

Eggs are another excellent high-protein food choice that will help slow your body’s absorption of alcohol. The best thing in eggs is protein, protein keeps you feel full longer. So it can reduce the risks due to alcohol at nights.

Eggs are also high in an amino acid called cysteine that plays a role in alcohol metabolism.

You can add egg in differents forms like scrambled egg, boiled egg, half- boiled, mixed with veggies etc.

3. Oats

Oats are the great source of fibre and proteins, both feel full longer. Several researches told that oats can help liver from damage by protecting against alcohol and improving liver function.

Oats can be taken in many ways like porridges, granola bars, oatmeal, baked foods etc.

4. sweet potato

Like bananas, sweet potatoes also contain potassium and helps in electrolyte balance. They are complex carbohydrates so that take more time to breakdown.

Sweet potatoes prevent swings in blood sugar, which can prevent the overeating caused by drinking. Sweet potatoes can be taken as fried chips, as wedges etc.

5. Chicken

Protein-rich foods take longer to digest, which slows down the alcohol levels in the blood. So, it’s better to take chicken before drinking alcohol. You can try grilled chicken, chicken salads etc as your dinner before drinking.

6. Salmon

Vitamin B12 is decreased by alcohol consumption, so to overcome this problem we need to take more vit B12 foods like salmon. Vitamin B12 is need for your short-term memory and cognitive functions. So take salmon before you drink.

7. Pickles

We all know, all alcoholics use pickles as a side dish while drinking. Yes, this is a great idea, although they don’t know the exact benefit of it. Pickles contain salt which are helpful to maintain electrolyte balance. So try to take more hydrating foods before drinking an alcohol.

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