Cilantro: Benefits, Nutrition & Beauty Tips

Coriander is also known as cilantro or parsley. It is a annual herb. All parts of cilantro are edible like leaves, stem and dried seeds. Fresh leaves and dried seeds are traditionally used in Indian cooking. Cilantro is a common herb used in many cuisines world wide. Its pungency and flavour make people to attract over the dishes.

Coriander seeds are mainly used as a spice. In almost all recipes coriander leaves are added like in curries, smoothies, to attain good taste and flavour. It can also used as decorative agent for delicious dishes to enhances its beauty.

Coriander contains many health benefits because it contain vitamins, minerals, essential oils, dietary fiber, some amount of Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, iron magnesium, potassium etc., and also contain phytochemicals, carotenoids, anti-oxidants.

Benefits Of Coriander

  1. It had anti-cancer effects
  2. Reduces pain and inflammation
  3. Improves skin health
  4. Contains anti-fungal properties
  5. Acts as a natural preservative
  6. Supports immunity
  7. Promotes good vision

Cholesterol Levels: The acids present in cilantro like linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, ascorbic acid and stearic acid works very effective to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

These essential oils in coriander are rich in antimicrobial, anti-infectious, anti-oxidant, acids and detoxifying components.

Iron and vit-C present in coriander helps immune system to be strong to cure chicken pox etc and also protect the eyes from conjunctivitis.

These anti-fungal, anti-infectious and many other properties helps in skin health by cleaning skin disorders like fungal infections, skin dryness etc.

Components of essential oils in coriander also helps in diarrhoea, liver functioning, digestion by helping to proper secretion of enzymes and acids in the stomach and in bowel actions.

High levels of dodecenal present in coriander acts more powerful than antibiotics. It is mainly used to treat salmonella based infections.

Coriander may also reduce digestive symptoms like bloating and discomfort occurred by people with IBS. It may also increase appetite among such people.

Many researchers told that coriander contains anti-histamine properties which can reduce allergies.

Corianders is also helpful during menstrual cycle, because it helps to release hormones properly by endocrine gland and also reduces the period pain because of its anti-stimulation property.

So, by all these properties we came to know that coriander acts as:

  • Pain killer
  • Reduce stress
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Maintains cholesterol level
  • Protects from cancer
  • Helps in skin health and bone health

Side Effects

  1. There are side effects of coriander as well as benefits. We all know any item taken in excess quantity may harm our health.
  2. Health benefits only gets reversed by over consumption of cilantro.
  3. The properties which helps to keep our body healthy only destroy the particular body functions if taken in excess quantities.
  4. So. its better to consume all the items in limited quantities as recommended.

Nutritional Facts Of Coriander Leaves

Nutritive Values Of Coriander Leaves: It contains 86% moisture in it.

NutrientsAmount per 100 g
Energy44 kcal
Protein 3.3 g
Calcium44 mg
Phosphorus71 mg
Iron1.42 mg
Fiber1.2 g
Vitamin C135 mg
Magnesium31 mg
potassium256 mg
Nutrients in coriander leaves per 100gms

Important Points:

Cilantro may help effectively to remove harmful metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum from the body. Coriander can also help to eliminate certain bacteria which cause infections.

Cilantro may decrease the process of blood clotting. Some researches also concern that, when coriander is taken ki excess amounts, it might increase the bleeding in people with bleeding disorders. So, it is better to avoid eating cilantro 2 weeks before any surgery.

Cilantro may also helps to reduce toothaches, protect from poisonous chemicals, measles and many other health conditions.  

Cilantro is a detoxifier, a disinfectant. It also helps to turn dark lips to pink. As it is rich source of iron, it can reduce anemia by increasing hemoglobin content.

Beauty Tips:

If you had an oily skin or too dry skin, then start chewing 2 cilantro leaves on empty stomach early in the morning.

As coriander acts as anti-microbial and anti-fungal component, whatever you have like black heads, skin pigmentation or pimples etc., can be reduced by applying cilantro juice on face. But make sure that, it may cause itching or allergy depending upon the skin type.

So, be careful while trying it, many experts says that mixing cilantro juice with other ingredients might reduce the risk of allergies.

This article only shares you the information but not responsible for any other results. Consult your doctor before trying these.