High Protein Diets

Diets rich in proteins are prescribed for the treatment of protein-calorie malnutrition and protein deficiency in under-nourished patients, before and after surgery, injury and burns and in nephritis (type-2). The diets are usually based on milk and contain liberal amounts of cheese, eggs, meat and fish.


For the maximum utilization of proteins, the diet should be adequate in calories. Hence, the diet should provide the daily requirements of the calories for the patient.


Diets usually contain about 125-150 g of proteins in case of adults and 60-80 g for children below 10 years depending on age. The protein intake should be 3-4 g per kg depending on the condition of the patient. The nutritive value of the proteins should be high.

Vitamins And Minerals

Diets containing liberal amounts of milk, egg, meat, fish and green leafy vegetables will also be excellent sources of all essential vitamins and minerals.

High Protein Diets For Adults (g/day)

Proteins:120-150 g; fat:60-70 g; carbohydrates:250-300 g and calories:3000-3500 kcal.

Food StuffsVegetarianNonVegetarian
Milk (cow’s)1000-1500800-1000
Meat and fish__
Fats and oils30-5030-50
Sugar and jaggery30-5030-50
Green leafy vegetables50-10050-100
Other vegetables50-10050-100

NOTE: The diet should be supplemented along with multi vitamin-mineral tablet.

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