Nutritional Facts Of Brown Sugar Vs White Sugar

Brown sugar is a product obtained by mixing white sugar with molasses and molasses is responsible for its darker color. It can be prepared in home too. This article helps you to know about the nutritional facts of brown sugar vs white sugar .

Most of the people consider it as healthier food than white sugar but the fact is they both are same. In fact white sugar calories is slightly higher than the brown sugar. we can see the difference between them in the below table:

Nutrients(per 100g)Brown sugarWhite Sugar
Calories377 kcal389 kcal
Protein0 g0 g
Fat0 g0 g
Calcium1 mg85 mg
Potassium133 mg2 mg
Iron1.91 mg0.06 mg
Nutrient contents in Brown sugar and White sugar

White Sugar is a complete carbohydrate which adds fat to our body. Where as brown sugar, a less sweetening agent, is also a white sugar with added molasses. It contains the other nutrients in slightly higher levels which are of no use to our body. In fact, our body can produce themselves those minerals. So brown sugar and white sugar are differed from each other only in color, odor and taste.

White sugar, generally used in baking because the dough made with white sugar rise to a greater extent resulting in airier texture. Where as products made with brown sugar will be moist.

Sometimes it is said that Brown sugar helps in soothing menstrual cramps and also helps in anti-aging skin treatment.

But both the brown and white sugars contribute equally in causing many disorders such as obesity, type-2 diabetes etc., So prefer using limited amounts of either white or brown sugar in daily diet.

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