Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is characterised by inflammation and ulceration of colon leading to passage of loose stools, with mucus and blood. No specific organisms have been isolated so far. There is loss of appetite. The disease recurs in some patients when cow’s milk was reintroduced in the diet. It is likely, that intestinal allergy caused by some foods like milk may be responsible for the disease in some cases.


The principles of treatment are as follows:

  • Rest in bed.
  • Treatment with drugs for intestinal inflammation and ulceration as prescribed by the physician.
  • Treatment for anaemia with iron salts (orally), folic acid and vitamin B12 (parentally).


The diet is similar to diarrhoea. The daily menu will be similar to that of celiac disease. Foods rich in fiber (whole cereals, whole legumes and mature vegetables), spices and condiments should not be given. Low fat is preferred as milk is the causative factor in some patients. It is good to use soybean milk instead of cow’s milk during treatment.

Diet For An Adult Suffering From Ulcerative Colitis

Milk (low fat)1000600
Meat and liver_100
Tender vegetables5050
Calcium caseinate3015
Fresh fruits (Apple, mango, banana & papaya)200200
Fruit juice200200
Cane sugar5050
Oils and fats2020

If milk is not agreed with the patient, it can be replaced by soybean milk (fortified) or by a processed protein food based on soybean and peanut flours.

NOTE: One multivitamin capsule or tablet providing all vitamins should be given.