Aside from a Lump, What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Aside from a Lump, What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Certainly. Breast cancer can present with various symptoms other than a lump. It’s important to note that not all symptoms indicate breast cancer, but any unusual changes should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Additional symptoms of breast cancer may include:

  1. Changes in Breast Shape or Size:
    • Swelling, thickening, or distortion of the breast shape, which may be seen or felt.
  2. Nipple Changes:
    • Nipple retraction (turning inward), inversion, or deviation in direction.
    • Nipple or areola (the darker area around the nipple) becoming scaly, red, or swollen.
  3. Breast Skin Changes:
    • Dimpling or puckering of the skin, resembling an orange peel.
    • Rash or redness on the breast skin.
    • Peeling or flaking of the nipple area or breast skin.
  4. Breast Pain or Tenderness:
    • Persistent, unexplained breast pain or tenderness.
  5. Nipple Discharge:
    • Spontaneous nipple discharge (other than breast milk) that may be bloody or clear.
  6. Enlarged Lymph Nodes:
    • Swelling or enlargement of lymph nodes under the arm or around the collarbone, which may indicate spread of cancer.
  7. Changes in Breast Sensation:
    • Changes in sensation, such as tingling, itching, or a burning feeling in the breast.
  8. Unusual Breast Sensations:
    • Unusual sensations like heaviness, warmth, or fullness in the breast.

It’s important to remember that these symptoms can also be caused by non-cancerous conditions. Regular breast self-exams and routine mammograms are crucial for early detection and better outcomes. If you notice any of these changes, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and appropriate testing.

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