Can Hernia Surgery Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgery typically does not directly cause erectile dysfunction (ED). However, in rare cases, complications related to hernia surgery or factors associated with the surgery might lead to temporary or, in extremely rare instances, long-term sexual dysfunction, including ED.

Possible factors that could contribute to sexual dysfunction following hernia surgery might include:

  • Nerve damage: During hernia repair surgery, there’s a possibility of unintentional damage to nerves in the groin area. Nerve damage might potentially affect sensation or nerve signals necessary for normal erectile function. However, nerve damage leading to ED is uncommon in most routine hernia surgeries.
  • Infection or complications: Infections or complications following surgery, though rare, could potentially affect overall health, including sexual function. However, these cases are not typical outcomes of hernia surgery.
  • Psychological factors: Any surgery, particularly in the pelvic area, might lead to temporary stress, anxiety, or concerns about sexual performance, which could affect sexual function temporarily.

It’s important to note that the risk of developing ED due to hernia surgery is very low. Most individuals who undergo routine hernia repair surgery do not experience long-term sexual dysfunction as a result of the procedure.

If someone experiences persistent erectile dysfunction or any sexual concerns after hernia surgery, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional. A doctor can assess the specific situation, evaluate any potential contributing factors, and recommend appropriate treatment or interventions to address the issue.

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