Does Fever Cause Weight Loss?


Fever itself can cause temporary weight loss in some individuals. When the body is fighting an infection or illness and a fever develops, the body’s metabolism may increase. This heightened metabolic rate can lead to increased calorie expenditure and decreased appetite, which can result in weight loss.

During a fever, the body may burn more calories to generate heat and fight off the infection. Additionally, the immune system’s response to the illness can increase energy requirements, further contributing to calorie expenditure.

Furthermore, individuals with fever may experience a loss of appetite or feel too fatigued to eat, leading to reduced food intake. Dehydration, which can be a side effect of fever, may also play a role in temporary weight loss.

It’s important to note that the weight loss associated with a fever is generally temporary and should be regained once the illness is resolved and the individual returns to their normal eating habits and activity level. If you or someone you know experiences prolonged or severe weight loss during a fever or any other health condition, it’s essential to seek medical attention to identify and address any underlying issues.

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