What are the Symptoms of Eye Power Increase?

What are the Symptoms of Eye Power Increase?

When there’s an increase in refractive error, commonly known as an “eye power increase,” it typically refers to a change in the prescription needed for glasses or contact lenses. Symptoms of an increase in eye power may include:

  • Blurred vision: Difficulty seeing clearly, especially at a distance or up close.
  • Difficulty focusing: Straining to focus on objects, particularly when transitioning from near to far or vice versa.
  • Eye strain or discomfort: Discomfort in or around the eyes, often associated with prolonged reading, computer use, or other visually demanding tasks.
  • Headaches: Recurrent headaches, especially after prolonged reading or screen time.
  • Squinting: Frequently squinting to try and see things more clearly.
  • Frequent changes in prescription: If you notice you need new glasses or contacts more often than before.
  • Double vision: Seeing two overlapping images instead of one clear image.
  • Sensitivity to light (photophobia): Discomfort or sensitivity to bright lights or glare.

It’s important to regularly have comprehensive eye exams with an eye care professional, especially if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. They can accurately diagnose changes in your refractive error and prescribe the appropriate corrective lenses to improve your vision and alleviate discomfort. If you notice sudden or severe changes in vision, seek immediate medical attention.

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