Bottle Gourd-Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts

Bottle Gourd is also known as Calabash Gourd, white-flowered Gourd, Lagenaria siceraria and long melon. Botanically, bottle gourd belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. Bottle gourds come in wide range of shapes and sizes and appears in oval, pear-shaped or elongated and smooth skin with light green colour. In this article we are going to know about health benefits and nutritional facts of bottle gourd.

Bottle gourd is high in fiber and low in calories and contains high moisture content, it helps to keep body hydrated and also helps in weight loss.


Bottle gourd possess high amount of fiber which prevents the constipation, piles and flatulence. Vitamin-C is one of the powerful natural antioxidants that help the human body scavenge harmful free radicals, which otherwise, leads for the development of cancer. The bottle gourd seeds are taken internally to cure headache. Bottle gourd also helps to treat rhinitis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism.

  • Contains antioxidants
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Helps in digestion
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Maintains skin and hair health
  • Helps for allergies
  • Immune booster
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Contains antibacterial, anthelmintic and antifungal activity
  • Helps to treat inflammatory diseases

Nutritional Facts

Bottle gourds are low in calories and fat, but are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It also contains moderate amounts of thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese and magnesium. In 100 g of bottle gourd 95% of moisture is present.

Nutrients Amount per 100 g
Energy10.99 kcal
Carbohydrates1.68 g
Protein0.53 g
Fat0.13 g
Fiber2.12 g
Calcium15.42 mg
Phosphorus16.01 mg
Zinc24.63 mg
Sodium1.46 mg
Potassium124 mg
Omega 3 fats0.15 mg
Vitamin C4.33 mg
Niacin0.14 mg
Magnesium10.93 mg
Folate (vitamin B9)41.99 mcg
Beta carotene44.05 mcg
Vitamin A7.34 mcg
Lutein28.88 mcg

The juiced or cooked Bottle gourd possesses anti-bilious and sedative properties. It can be used in preparation of curries and desserts. Bottle gourd is mostly taken in liquid form (juice).