Chironji (Charoli) Nutrition Facts- Health Benefits

Chironji or Charoli is almond-flavoured seeds produced from deciduous tree known as Buchanania lanzan. These are used as a cooking spice primarily in India. The charoli seed is flattened lentil sized flavours like almond.

Mostly Indians have very good attachment with traditional delicious and evergreen recipes like pongal, kheer, made from milk and rice in which their flavours are increased with Indian spices and toppings with a lot of dried fruits like nuts and raisins.  These seed can be eaten raw or you may roast before use as almonds. Generally like all dried fruits, chironji seeds are also used in sweets like kheers made with milk and rice and halwas etc.


As chironji plant as used in ayurvedic medicine, it helps to aid many health problems like cold, indigestion etc. Chironji seed has natural oil which has astringent properties. Astringent causes contraction of skin cells and other body tissues. So that its helps to keep our skin healthy and reduce diarrhea.

As it shows cooling effect on the body, it is known as natural coolant in summer. By adding these seeds on the recipes body heat can be reduced.

Chironji is low in calories but high in proteins, calcium, iron and phosphorus and dietary fibre which keeps you feel full longer. So that it also aids in weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Chironji Seeds Or Chirola

  • Promotes skin health
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Relieves from cold
  • Natural coolant

Let us explain about all these health benefits in detailed:

1. Promotes Skin Health

Chironji seeds can also helps to promote skin health. We all know that, due to many reasons our skin is getting worse day by day. But don’t worry, we have chironji seeds to get rid of all the shit on your face. Chironji seeds can make an excellent face packs, this is why because the oil extracted from these seeds keeps the skin moisturised and helps to remove dark spots and blemishes. 

Face Pack Making: Take Chironji seeds and ground them finely then mix it with gram flour, curd, honey and lemon. Here, you can also use rose water and multani mitti to make cleansing scrubs. These scrubs protect the skin against infections and prevent your skin from acne.

2. Improves Digestion

Chironji seeds can also helps to improve your digestion problems and provides you a healthy gut. This is because, chironji seed oil contains astringent properties, and can help in regularising bowel movements. This help stool particles bind together, so that, it cures diarrhoea.

How To Use: Add just few drops of chironji seeds oil to your Oral Rehydration Solution, or ORS. After consuming this solution, diarrhoea problem (loose stools) may calm down. Moreover, Chironji root extract is also said to be beneficial for treating ulcers.

3. Helps In Weight Loss

Chironji is said to be used for weight loss, this is because these seeds are low in calories, but very rich in protein and dietary fibre. These keeps you feel full longer, leading to satiety and eliminating the need to eat more often. So, that you may not feel hunger soon, so that, your food intake is decreased. Thus, chironji aids in weight loss.

4. Relieves From Cold

Chironji may also be used to relieve from cold by clearing nasal congestion. So that you can get rid of severe cold. Applying chironji oil may be used to expel the mucous which is blocking your nose. Add a few drops of chironji oil in steaming water and inhale the steam for few minutes. You may get relief from severe cold.

5. Natural Coolant

Chironji has a cooling effect on the body. These nuts naturally reduce body heat, and keep you cool from the inside. Chironji can be used in summers by adding in many dishes.


Chironji has many nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2, as well as niacin. Chironji is also extremely rich in minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus. So, go and buy chironji immediately, add chironji nuts in your favourite dishes like kheers, halwas, barfi pongal and many other sweets and dals, chicken recipes etc.