Can High Blood Pressure Cause Itchy Skin?

Women Having Itchy Skin

High blood pressure (hypertension) itself typically does not directly cause itchy skin. However, certain factors related to hypertension or its associated conditions might contribute to skin-related symptoms, including itching.

Conditions or factors associated with high blood pressure that might lead to itchy skin include:

  • Medications: Some medications used to treat high blood pressure or related conditions might cause skin-related side effects, including itching or rashes.
  • Kidney problems: High blood pressure can be a risk factor for kidney disease or kidney problems. Kidney dysfunction can sometimes lead to a buildup of toxins or waste products in the blood, resulting in itching or skin irritation.
  • Diabetes: Hypertension is often associated with diabetes, and individuals with diabetes may experience skin-related issues, such as dry skin or diabetic skin conditions, that can cause itching.
  • Circulation problems: Poor circulation, which can be associated with hypertension, might contribute to dry or irritated skin, potentially leading to itching.

It’s important to note that itching can also be caused by various other factors unrelated to high blood pressure. These factors may include allergies, skin conditions (such as eczema or psoriasis), dry skin, hormonal changes, medications, or other underlying health issues.

If you’re experiencing persistent or severe itching along with high blood pressure or other concerning symptoms, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional. A doctor can assess your symptoms, perform necessary tests, and determine the underlying cause to provide appropriate treatment or guidance.

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