Can Skin Cancer Cause Fatigue?

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer itself typically does not directly cause fatigue as a primary symptom. However, fatigue can be associated with skin cancer indirectly due to various factors related to the disease and its treatment.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, including skin cancer, the body’s immune system often becomes activated to fight the cancerous cells. This immune response can be physically demanding and may lead to fatigue as the body expends energy to combat the disease.

Additionally, certain skin cancer treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or targeted therapy, can cause side effects that contribute to fatigue. These treatments may affect healthy cells in the body, leading to tiredness, weakness, and overall fatigue as the body works to heal and recover from the therapy’s effects.

Moreover, the emotional and psychological impact of a skin cancer diagnosis and the stress associated with treatment can also contribute to feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

While fatigue can be a common symptom experienced by cancer patients, it’s essential to discuss any persistent or severe fatigue with a healthcare provider. They can evaluate the specific cause of the fatigue and provide appropriate support or interventions to manage it effectively during skin cancer treatment.

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