COVID-19: 7 Immunity Boosters

As corona virus cases are been increasing day by day, its very important to maintain hygienic surroundings and follow precautions. By washing your hands, social distancing, exercising and getting enough sleep is key to lowering risk of infection.

Its very important to maintain good eating habits to over come all these type of viruses. In this the main thing we want to fight against viruses is immunity power. Not only in these type of conditions, it is very beneficial to take immunity boosters every day.

Many researches found that eating certain foods can improve your health and strengthen your body’s ability to fight other invasive viruses.

In the previous article, we came to know what are the immunity booster foods that are available for us. In this article, I am going to explain about some immunity booster drinks that we can make easily at home.

Lets know about some recipes as following:

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1. Spices Green Tea

We all know the importance of green tea as they contain anti-oxidants which fight against many diseases.

Now, let us add some spices together with green tea.


  • Green tea.
  • Cinnamon.
  • cloves.
  • Ginger.


Add some water into a pan and make boil it lightly.

Then add grated ginger, 5 pepper corns, cinnamon and allow it to boil for some time.

Then add 1 tbsp of green tea into it. Strain all the content into a cup and add some lemon and honey according to your wish and mix it well.

That’s it our recipe is ready to drink.

2. Lemon Water

We all drink lemon water very often. Because lemon is very good source of vitamin C which boost immune system.

This is a very simple drink, and better to drink in the early morning.

Take a luke warm water in glass and squeez half lemon in it.

Let us use honey instead of sugar as it contain no cholesterol. So, add honey and drink it.

This drink can also reduce cold and cough.

3. Turmeric Tea

As we know turmeric is also an antibiotic. It contains many nutritional aspects as written in the previous article.

Now, we are going to know the preparation of turmeric tea with lemon and ginger.

First take 1 inch ginger and grate it and squeeze the lime juice into it or you can add lime rind, it is optional.

Then add turmeric stem pieces or if it is not available you can add turmeric powder. You should use the natural turmeric. keep it in your mind.

There are many techniques to make turmeric tea. I will explain two types from them.

Add all the ingredients said above in the water and make it boil for some time. After that strain all the water to a cup. That’s it the tea is ready to drink.

The another type is add all the ingredient as said before in a cup and add lukewarm water in that cup. Now dip your tea bag in the water but not so deeply only on the top of the water. Now it is ready to drink.

4. Golden Milk

Golden milk is nothing but turmeric added milk. It has many benefits that are mentioned in the previous article.

We all drink this golden milk very often. This is also very simple to make.

Boil the milk by adding turmeric in it. And other wise if you want you can also add ginger, pepper and cinnamon during boiling and strain it in a glass.

It has many benefits as the turmeric reduce heart diseases, alzheimer’s disease in boosting memory.

5. Mixed Fruits Juice

Fruits are very nutritious, they are rich in fiber, antioxidants, carotenoids etc.

They are very good source to boost up immunity.

Lets make a mixed fruit drink by adding ice cubes, carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon juice and ginger in a mixer. Blend it to a juice and serve as you want. Its better to not strain the juice as we lose fibre content and some nutrients in it.

You can also add oranges instead of beetroot or you can make another type of drink with ice cubes, orange, carrot, apple and lime juice.

Citrus in these fruits helps against bacteria, virus and many fungal infections.

6. Tomato Mint Juice

Tomato is an another vegetable which boosts immunity and abundant with many nutrients.

Now we are going to learn how to make tomato mint juice.

Add ice cubes, tomato pieces, 2 tsp ginger, lemon juice, mint leaves, black pepper and black salt if not common salt in a mixer and blend it well.

Our tomato mint juice is ready to serve.

Tomato contains lycopene which is an anti-oxidant, rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium.

Mint has  anti-inflammatory properties, facilitates smoother digestion and also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can keep mild flu and cold.

Mint has the special feature, that it can reduce headaches.

7. Mint Leaves Water

Mint leaves are kept in water over night and drink in the early morning.

It helps in detoxification. It has a many health benefits such as boosting the immune system, pain and indigestion relief, improving circulation. And also give relief during nausea and headache.

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