Is Coriander Seed Water Beneficial for Thyroid?

The thyroid gland is a small endocrine gland that is found in the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid is responsible for producing hormones that regulate metabolism and growth. We can see two types of thyroid such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Here, we are going to discuss about the benefits of coriander seed water for thyroid person. This can be taken by both hyper and hypo thyroid patients.


Coriander is a spice that is used in many cuisines around the world. Coriander, also known as cilantro, is a herb that is used in many cuisines around the world. It has a distinctive flavor and aroma and can be found fresh or dried in most grocery stores. The leaves are typically used for cooking and the seeds are often ground into powder to add flavor to dishes such as curry and other sauces.

How Coriander seed water is prepared?

Coriander water is a popular home remedy for thyroid problems. It is very easily available in homes. It is not only named for its fragrance but also contains lots of nutrients like antioxidants. Moreover coriander is an organic product. It is also used to improve digestion and reduce bloating.

Antioxidants and vitamins in coriander work to heal the thyroid naturally and regulate the production of the thyroid hormone.

To use coriander water for thyroid, mostly coriander seeds are used. Firstly, boil 2 tbsp. of coriander seeds in a cup of water for about 10- 15 minutes on a low flame. Then strain the water and drink it on empty stomach in the morning for at least two times a day. You can also add honey to make it more palatable.

People who want to use the soaked coriander seeds should take care of a few things before they start using them. They need to make sure that they have the right amount of water and that they soak the seeds for the right amount of time. The soaking process will help soften up the seeds and extract their flavor, which will make them taste better in food dishes or when making tea.

What are the benefits of coriander water for thyroid?

Coriander is a plant that is used in many different cuisines around the world. It can be found in Mexican, Asian, and Indian cooking. Coriander seeds are a rich source of dietary fibers and minerals. They have also been found to be beneficial for the thyroid gland.

Coriander seeds have been used in traditional medicine, and their benefits for the thyroid gland have been well researched. Coriander is one of the most potent herbs that can help improve thyroid function.

Some of the benefits of drinking coriander water for thyroid as follows:

  • Drinking coriander water for thyroid may also aids in weight loss (hypothyroidism).
  • Coriander water for thyroid can also regulate cholesterol levels, as thyroid is associated with high cholesterol levels.
  • Coriander water also helps to reduce joint pain and swelling which helps with arthritis.

The modern day evidence has shown that coriander seeds can be very beneficial to those with hypothyroidism as well as people who want to lose weight or lower their cholesterol levels.

Some people use coriander for culinary purposes while others use it to make tea. Coriander has been proven to have many health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cancer, and improving digestion.

Coriander is high in vitamin A, C, K and folate. The leaves contain more vitamin C than the seeds do. The leaves also contain antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage by free radicals.

The leaves have been traditionally used for digestive problems such as gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea (NHS).

What are other benefits of coriander water?

Coriander water is not only beneficial for thyroid but also helps with overall body health such as:

  • Aid in weight loss
  • Reduce bloating
  • Boosts immunity
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Thickens the hair growth by reducing hair fall
  • Reduce acne or pigmentation


This article summarize that drinking coriander seed water is beneficial for thyroid but also helpful for overall health such as in weight loss, reducing joint pains etc. as written in this article. As coriander is available as organic product it also improves your daily activities by giving more energy. It is also known to be as good refreshing ingredient especially in summer.