Best Pre Workout Food Options For Weight Loss

Introduction :

One common mistake most people make when trying to loose weight is not eating before a workout. Either they don’t know or they forget to have their pre workout meal before training. A good pre workout meal or snack can help you burn more calories and can also give you that energy to do vigorous exercise session. So, in this article we come to know best pre workout food options for weight loss. (Also read: Best time to do exercise.)

When you are doing workout you’re digging into your bodies energy reserve and draining it all. What ever the exercises your doing, all of them require energy. For a good workout session you need to give your body all the necessary fuel it needs. Eating the right food can help your body burn more calories and give you enough power for your power pack workout session.

Try to eat an hour or two hours before exercises so that your body has some time to digest the food. Here are some pre workout foods that will boost up your energy for your workout session.

1. Banana with peanut butter

Bananas are like best friends forever of every workout lover. Bananas contain good amount of glucose, and the potassium in bananas is not stored in your in your system for too long time so you can utilize it during your workout, and having peanut butter before a workout is very much beneficial. As peanut butter is packed with good amount of protein, carbs making it perfect pre workout meal to power up your workout.

2. Oatmeal

Whole grain oats release carbs slowly into your system, so you can stay energetic throughout your exercises. Chilled overnight oats are great for your workout as they don’t feel heavy as hot cooked oats, you can have your oats with some fruits and dry fruits to enhance the nutrient amount.

3. Scrambled eggs

Eggs contain the high biological value protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Having eggs an hour before exercises helps to improve muscle performance and recovery. Instead of having heavy and high fat meals that are difficult to digest, having this simple meal is ideal for your workout.

4. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes contains natural sugar and complex carbohydrates which gives you slow and steady form of energy and hence keeps you energetic through out your workout session. Hence sweet potato is one of the best choices as pre workout food, you can have them in boiled form.

5. Beet juice

Beets are rich in nitrates which facilitate more nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide helps relaxation of blood vessels hence oxygen can flow more freely. So drinking beet juice pre workout power up you through out the workout session.

6. Whey protein shake

Whey is an excellent source of protein which helps muscle growth and it is easily absorbed and utilized efficiently by human body. This is even consumed by athletes, body builders for the gain muscle mass and strength while loosing fat. Hence whey protein shake is an excellent option you can have as pre workout drink.

7. Granola bar

Granola bars are very convenient to prepare, which could benefit you with weight control. They can be prepared by using oats, nuts and dry fruits which can help to improve your heart health and blood sugar control. These granola bars are calorie dense, rich in protein, fiber and other micro nutrients which can make your workout session power packed by providing enough energy through out your exercise.


Hence having a pre workout meal or snack can help to improve your focus, keeps your energy levels constant through out the workout session.

Having a pre workout meal may not be your priority but giving your body the fuel it needs can have a huge impact on your ability to train and to get results.

A good pre workout meal or snack can help you burn more calories and power up you through out your vigorous exercises, thus burning more calories and there by speeding up your weight loss.