Is COVID Vaccination safe During Periods ?

We all know that, there is a pandemic situation due to corona virus. To prevent this virus many precautions are followed all over the world. Although, corona virus spreading since past one year. Many people are infected and died, still the situation is becoming worse day by day and Covid-19 infected people are increasing widely.

So, to control and prevent this coronavirus, many researchers developed a vaccine against the virus. Vaccine is introduced into the market after many trails. Generally vaccination is the life saving process in many diseases. But we cannot be surely protected from corona virus for long time. As the vaccination is a type of precaution, it can only prevent you from effected by virus soon than people who are not vaccinated. We are available with covid-19 vaccines currently in the names of COVISHIELD and COVAXIN. Other vaccines are also been inventing,

As the third phase of vaccine available in India, all the people above 18 years will be eligible to get a covid-19 vaccine from May 1. Visit that particular site and register your details. Don’t be late to vaccinate. Vaccine is absolutely safe and saves life.

Vaccination During Periods Is Safe ?

As we know, above 18 years girls experience menstrual cycle every month in their life. Many questions are arising that, covid-19 vaccination cause any adverse effects on them and is it safe to take during periods. Although during periods, the girls may seem to be week due to cramping, discomfort and heavy bleeding etc., vaccination has no connection with periods. Even though the vaccine doesn’t assure 100% immunity to the virus, it doesn’t allow the person entering into a critical condition. So we can say that, vaccination before, during, and after periods is safe.

Immunity Is Less During Periods ?

Definitely NO, menstrual cycle has no impact during periods. The function of immunity system is to resist harmful microorganisms or action specific antibodies. Immunity is nothing but protection. So, periods have no harmful affects on immune system. Less immunity in periods is completely a myth, that is clarified by health professionals. You can undoubtedly take vaccine during periods, before and after periods also. Don’t waste time to be vaccinated only due to you are in periods.

Side Effects Of Vaccination During Periods ?

There are no side effects seen due to vaccination in periods. Obviously, any vaccination process show some reactions but not mean harmful to you. Our body always responds to the foreign particles that entered into our body. When ever covid-19 vaccine is injected, our body recognize it as a foreign particle. In respect to that, common responses like fever, muscle pains, soreness at injected place, fatigue, nausea etc. are seen. These symptoms are different from individual and last for about 4-6 days. Don’t get tensed by these responses, take rest and healthy food. If these symptoms are severe, then contact your doctors.


  • Vaccination before, during and after periods is safe.
  • Don’t get late to be vaccinated.
  • Don’t forget to follow previous precautions even after vaccination.
  • Wear mask and maintain social distancing after you taking vaccine also.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not get vaccinated as there are no trails made on them.
  • Consult your doctor, if you are under certain medication, allergic to any drug and with chronic diseases before taking your vaccine.
  • Vaccine don’t cause infertility in both men and women.
  • Eat healthy and stay home.