Best Post Workout Drinks For Weight Loss

Introduction :

After working out you need proper hydration to recover. And we all know that it is very important to have healthy drink after the workout. It very important to have a healthy drink to stay hydrated after the workout. Through this article we come to know some recovery best post workout drinks for weight loss. (Also read: Best Pre workout food options).

A post workout drink not only helps weight loss but also help building muscles, body strength, and also to regain the lost energy.

Post workout drink for weight loss don’t let your body lack glucose levels. For the better results have your post workout drink 30 to 45 minutes after the workout.

The nutrients that your body needs most after the exercise are carbohydrates, protein, water or electrolytes and antioxidants. So, as your body needs these things, the drinks given below may help you to make it easy to have your post workout drink.

1. Water

About 75% of your bodies weight consists of water. When you have done workout your body feels dehydrated and this is the sign that you are loosing more water. When you exercise, most of your water loss through the sweat. The best way to protect your self from dehydration is having lots of water. So, water has to be adequately replaced to keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking water after a workout helps to regulate your body temperature and also makeup for the fluid loss because of sweating. Drinking water is an important part of your weight loss regime.

2. Banana and peanut butter smoothie

Banana peanut smoothie is absolutely perfect for an after workout snack. As this smoothie is packed with protein from peanuts and banana this is absolutely delicious and at the same time nutritious too. The banana adds additional fiber, potassium as well as manganese and vitamin B6.

Both banana and peanut butter provide benefits to improve your heart health and also loose weight. Use organic peanut butter to avoid unnecessary oils. If you like to reduce fat in this smoothie, you can add peanut powder instead peanut butter. This combo makes you feel fuller for long time which means you consume fewer calories than on regular basis. Hence it is good to have this Banana and peanut butter smoothie as your post workout drink.

3. Green tea

Did you know that green tea can be taken as a post workout drink? If you don’t know, then yes, green tea can have as a post workout drink. Post workout hydration is extremely important at the same time it is important to ensure recovery after workout.

Green tea contains less caffeine with lot of health benefits. Green tea contains amino acid called L-theanine, polyphenols, which are natural compounds that helps in reducing inflammation. It contains a natural antioxidant called catechin that helps in preventing cell damage. Hence green tea is one of the best drink you can have after your workout.

4. Coconut water

Coconut water is a very good post workout beverage you can have. Coconut water contains high levels of electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. It contains lots of antioxidants and nutrients. It is beneficial for post workout recovery.

Your bodies loss electrolytes when you sweat out and it need to be replaced. Coconut water is best to replenish your electrolytes after your workout session. It is naturally healthy and natural healer. The water which is hidden inside these super fruits is all natural and perfectly ideal for rehydrating the human body and replenishing the electrolytes.

5. Beet juice

Beetroot juice is considered as “super juice” as it improves athletic performance, regulates blood pressure, and increase blood flow. This beet juice is packed with lot of nutrients like iron, magnesium, folate and Antioxidants. Beet juice can help with muscle recovery than the other foods. Hence beetroot juice is extremely perfect as your post workout drink.

6. Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice balances levels of electrolytes and fluids in your body. It also helps reduction of lactic acid build up and boosts blood flow in your muscles. So this juice is tasty, hydrating, low in calories and full of electrolytes. Hence you can have this extremely tasty juice as your post workout drink.


Having post workout drinks is extremely necessary, as your body need to replenish water, electrolytes, antioxidants, protein etc., that have lost during the intense workout. Hence you need to supplement your body with good amount of fluids.

These six tasty beverages make your post workout hydration extremely healthier and tastier at the same time helps muscle recovery, blood flow, muscle building, and reducing inflammation.

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