Yellow fungus: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & prevention

There are the number of fungal infections reported rapidly in india. Especially in those who have recently recovered from corona virus infection. Based on some reports, the person who has been diagnosed with yellow fungus was already infected by both black and white fungal infections.

Yellow fungus infection much like other fungal infections spread via contaminated environment or when a suspected patient inhales moulds which grow in the environment. Yellow fungus is more dangerous than white and black fungus. If left treated the yellow fungus infection can cause death too. It effects the internal organs and disturbing vital body processes.

Yellow fungus in the medical language is called Mucor septimius. This is commonly found in creeping animals or reptiles. The first case of yellow fungus in humans was reported in Ghaziabad in a 45 years old man who had recovered from COVID-19.


This infection is mainly caused by unsanitary conditions, poor hygiene, contaminated resources.

  • Over usage of steroids.
  • Poor oxygen use or antibacterial medications.
  • Humidity levels below 30-40 percent can promise the growth of fungus.
  • Patients coping with comorbidities Or using immunity suppressing medications continue to be at a greater risk for catching the infection.


According to case studies, yellow fungus starts inside the body and can cause severe damage including pus leakage, slow healing of wounds in serious cases, can also cause organ failure and also

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite and malnutrition
  • Slow metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Red and sunken eyes
  • Necrosis in severe cases


Experts state that healing of yellow fungus takes longer compared to black Or white fungus.

  • Amphotericin-B antifungal drug is recommended for treatment of fungal infection.


  • People suffering from diabetes should be careful of keeping their blood sugar levels under control.
  • Person on oxygen therapy should also ensure that oxygen is well filtered and not contaminated.
  • Over usage of Steroids and related medications should be reduce.
  • Specialists recommend that any at risk patient not expose themselves to the risk unnecessarily.
  • Wear mask properly.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Maintain your humidity level between 20 to 40 percent.
  • Thorough or remove stale food from the house to prevent the growth of fungus or bacteria.


As per available cases, yellow fungus is deadly disease. It causes internal damage in the body. Spread through infected person and contaminated environment. Amphotericin-B is the only medicine to treat the fungal disease. Maintain hygiene and follow proper mask mandates is the best way to protect our health.